Quotes from Fendale

Aimee: “Does a spider butt count as a surface?”

Lee: “I’m going to shoot a 10 out of my butt.”
Andrew: “…I’m going to need you to make a performance check.”

Aimee: “I would like to make him smell distinctly like… bacon.”

Aimee: “If I make the spiderweb taste like cotton candy, can Jimjar eat his way out?”

Sara: “So it’s silk from a caterpillar. But it’s still silk.”
Aimee: “Different butt.”

Andrew: “Yaris, you have now started an all out war from what was once peace between spider and drow.”

Andrew: “Describe how you kill your spider.”
Aimee: “Violently.”

Andrew: “As you head back to the stalactite, you see a spider underneath it. Wearing a silk.. scarf.”
Aimee: “Is it pink?”
Charles: “Yeah, one of the other ones might have stolen it because it’s so fabulous.”

Andrew: “The sounds of war between spiders and drow are hard to describe.”
Lee: “But you’re hearing it.”

Andrew: “I always imagine prestidigitation is like a cat cleaning itself. ’It’s magic, don’t worry about it, I just have to use my tongue.’”

Aimee: “Oh, ten, as in the number ten, I thought you had affectionately named the giant spiders.”

Andrew: “I’m trying not to be racist here and make it sound Russian.”
Lee: “No, no, I want the drow to be Russians.”

Aimee: “Death by hummingbird.”

Sara: “We can keep the locusts, I’m just going to be disgruntled.”

Aimee: “Hashtag reroll.”

Quotes from Fendale

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