The One With the Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal

The party goes back to the entrance on the left where the gnolls and other creature disappeared down. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze so Yaris has to do the whole collapse-his-ribs thing wolves can apparently do. And once inside we are forced into single file for a couple hundred feet. Eventually though it opens up into a rounded room where the dead form of one of the gnolls appears, with one of the creatures standing over the body of another. It rips its claws out of the head of the second gnoll and then turns towards us and starts to make a clacking noise with its claws again. Over its shoulders the party can see a hole in the ceiling of the room – possibly large enough for the other creature to escape out of.

Tor tries to sit down for a rest, which the monster doesn’t seem to appreciate as it immediately throws one of the Gnoll bodies at Tor (How very rude!) and then advancing menacingly. Given this obviously aggressive display the party opts to GTFO, and thankfully the creature doesn’t follow. We scurry back to the end of the hallway and take a long-deserved rest (which is surprisingly uneventful).

On the way back we poke our heads into the passageway that the gnolls and creatures orginally came from – it goes on for a bit and then opens up into an empty room before continuing on through the opposite wall. There also is a faint low voice carrying through the darkness. We can’t quite make it out but it does seem to be speaking gnollish, so instead of fighting an army of gnolls we opt to go back and check out the hole in the other room. We’re not scared, it just makes sense.

Back in the hole-room we find it empty except for the body of the gnoll that was thrown at Tor. The other body (and creature) are gone, with a blood trail smear leading up to the hole in the ceiling. The party then sets about tackling the mighty beast that is “climbing a wall”. Yaris goes first and as he pops his head up over the edge he sees the odd sight of the two creatures huddled down over a nest of eggs, with the body of the gnoll ripped to shreds beside them. Slightly disappointed at not having the chance to take some more suddenly-orphaned animals into their care the party leaves the cavern.

Still wary of pissing off a bunch of gnolls we head back down the passageway that we rested in to see where it leads to. It starts to curve off to the right (towards gnoll territory) almost immediately. A passage on the left opens up though and so we abandon the right-hand rule and start taking left turns at every intersection we come to. A few twists and turns later we come across….water! Tor runs up and starts shoveling some into his mouth. He immediately starts retching and gagging – while not the worst thing he has every tasted it’s definitely in the top 5. Consulting with the mineralogy experts in the group he determines that it tastes like sulfur. (Belthos chooses not to make it taste like cake)

We decide to head upstream (with the idea that water sources tend to be higher up and might even lead to a way out). Along the way the party forages for some food (Tor falls in the river while trying to grab a tasty looking mushroom). Otherwise it continues to be a pretty boring walk, and after exhausting themselves the party goes to sleep. While eating breakfast the next morning a raft slowly drifts into view on the river, with a number of strange looking frogmen on it (the same as one of the prisoners from before). Yaris yells out a greeting. The frogmen look at each other and after a bit of deliberation start poling their way over to our side of the river. When they arrive they disembark and start talking to each other in a language that sounds very similar to the drow language. After a bit of this they turn and greet us in turn.

“Please, we’re lost down here. Do you know the way out?” asks Melna.

“Out….?” responds one of the Frogmen, looking quite puzzled

“Yes..to the outside. With the sun?” (Oh god we miss the sun)


“You know what, do you have a village or something we can go to? Some wise elder we can maybe see?”

“Oh! You want to meet Glop!”

“Yes, Glop. We’d love to meet him”

“There should be room, hop (haha) on and we can be on our way”

And so the party boards and the raft pushes off. They seem to be kind of asocial – standing around and swaying a bit for the most part. Asking about the Drow and Gnolls doesn’t reveal a whole lot – they don’t really like either of them and try to stay away if possible. The Drow also occasionally stay in their village (since Drow are terrible at navigating).

Given their lack of interest the party (Tor excluded) passes the rest of the trip in silence as we lazily float down the river. Without warning a number of them suddenly whip out nets and throw them on us! Knew these guys were acting fishy.

Tor cuts his way out and starts with the punching, Belthos seems fine with the net and instead just makes a couple of them fall asleep, Melna grabs the net with a fiery hand and burninates her way out while Yaris also cuts his way out and then immediately WOLFIFIES!

Meanwhile the toad people are grabbing spears that were lying around on the boat and strap on tiny little bucklers. One even has some sort of contraption on the end of his spear – a sort of grabby pincer thing – which he immediatley uses to grapple Tor with.

….insert more fighting sequences here, including the grappling dude casting some sort of spell on himself which makes him glow white…

Many exciting things happen, what with the burning and the stabbing and punching and biting. Eventually though the leader falls (to a ferocious bite from Yaris) and the last 3 frogmen abandon the raft, jumping off and swimming quickly away. Yaris jumps in after them and tries out his form of REEF SHARK! He chases after them, they still seem to be heading down to where they said their village was. He quickly rips two of them to shreds and after a brief struggle with the last manages to finish it off with a jaw to the face.

Swimming back to the boat the party then finishes off one of the sleeping ones and tied up the other.

To be continued….


AndrewHall CharlesGagnon

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