The One With the Great Spider-Drow War of 888

Topsy, Turvy (halfling twins), Jimjar (betting gnome), Eldrith Feldrin (Earth Genasi) and Buppido (Darrow something or another. Not very talkative) are the NPCs still left with us. The rest of the NPCs are hiding like cowards in their little cell. Oh well, if they want to stay and be slaves then we shouldn’t be the ones to stop them. Being completely exhausted the party settles down for a short rest – which despite the elves still across the way we manage to actually accomplish. Feeling much better we take stock of the situation, with the topic of lighting a Quoggoth on fire and throwing him down to try and see if the waterfall in the cavern leads anywhere.

Whilst discussing options Buppido chimes in, “Don’t forget about the slime at the bottom”.

The party all stops and stares at him, “What was that?” Melna asks.

“The grey slime. It’s taken at least 5 drow since I’ve been here. So I’d suggest not going the route of the waterfall if I were you.”

With that plan put on the backburner Belthos creates some harmless tremors on the spiderweb to try and spook out some spiders. Which works. And shows us that they’re “large”. Quite large. Like, wolf large. What is it with this place and large, unfriendly beasts?

Yaris gets an evil look in his eye and throws a large flaming sphere down at one of the spiders. WHOOSH – the sphere hits the spider and then burns a hole straight through the webbing! The spider falls down into the river with a horrible clicking noise – which is answered by more chittering from all around. Uh-oh. The party readies for combat….

Not finished with his heroics Yaris pulls out his crossbow and shoots a quick shot at the other spider we saw, which grazes it slightly but doesn’t appear to cause any lasting harm. Jimjar steps up and takes a shot at the spider as well, but misses. Before Tor can make a smart remark a wad of spider webbing shoots out of the darkness and completely covers Jimjar. Ew. While the party takes a step back another wad of webbing shoots out and envelops Yaris as well. Double ew. Tor runs up and starts trying to hack him out, and while getting a few good whacks in doesn’t manage to quite break through.

It’s enough though, Yaris roars with rage and explodes out of the cocoon and then immediately turns into…duh duh duuuuuuuh a GIANT SPIDER! Hah, take a taste of your own medicine spiders! Melna and Eldrith turn their attention to Jimjar and slash him free (he’s quite thankful). We also make a cute little leash for Spider-Lee so we don’t kill him on accident. That’d be a shame.

One of the spiders scuttles off into the darkness towards the cage – which some of the party notices and informs Tor. He immediately runs off towards the cage and warns the rest of the people there of the danger and begs them to come over with the rest of the group (safety in numbers ya’know).

Spider-Lee drops down onto the web and using his amazing Spidey Sense is able to detect 10 other spiders on the web. Let’s hope they’re friendly. Feeling this information would be useful to the others he uses his amazing spider skills and attempts to write the number 10 on one of the nearby walls with his webbing. Melna and Belthos are mostly confused at what he’s trying to convey though.

At the cage Tor is still trying to convince the other prisoners to leave, when over the ledge climbs one of the spiders. It immediately scuttles towards Tor and skewers him with his mandibles for way too much damage. Tor is a bit pissed at this and immediately skewers the spider right back (CRIT BATTLE), but the spider is still standing. Thankfully Melna sees his predicament and throws a fireball at its face-area, singing it quite thouroughly but apart from a terrible screeching-skittering sound is still standing. As if in slow motion the spider takes a bite at Tor…but he deftly twists out of the way and avoids the poison covered mandibles. Close one! Using his amazing monk skills he maneuvers into a position under the spider and rams his sword into its head, then runs it down the length of its abdomen and completely disembowels the horrible thing. BRUTAL EXECUTION!

The crowd in the cage are quite impressed with this feat.

Back in spider land Spider-Lee spies the drow watching the party with interest, and decides they should join in on the fun. He skitters up the nearest stalagtite and grabs onto the nearest drow, dragging him back over the ledge into the web below.

Jimjar and Eldrith both manage to actually hit a spider with their crossbows, which is enough of a distraction to cause it to miss biting Belthos. Tor sees this and turns to attack…but slips on the spider guts so only manages to fall facefirst into the ground.

Spider-Lee mauls the Drow he dragged down, quickly dispatching it, then runs over for cover among the rest of the spiders while crossbow bolts rain down around (and into) him. As he does this more Drow start pouring into the room with the rest of them – but then suddenly a large amount of skittering comes from the darkness and a swarm of spiders rush up towards the Drow. Spider-Lee slinks away, his mission accomplished.

Belthos jumps up and pokes the spider standing over him in the eye. Then another eye. Then the last 6. It was dead after the first but he didn’t care. It’s really, really dead now.

Seeing no more spiders in the immediate area Belthos looks around for more things to kill. Peering over the ledge she spies a large spider clicking under her…but before she can shoot it she spies a stylish rope scarf tied around it’s neck. It’s Spider-Lee returned from instigating the Great Spider-Drow Battle of 888.

The party sits back and watches the pitched battle for a while, when suddenly a robed female figure appears. She speaks a commanding phrase in some other language and all the spiders and Drow immediately stop and back down.

The Drow then turns towards the party and yells “YOU WILL GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE. NOW!”

Silence ensues, until Tor speaks up “Wait. How about…how about YOU get in the cage and we stay out here? Yeah!”

She doesn’t seem happy with this and immediately starts speaking some spell – during which a steady droning sound of small wings gets steadily louder.

Melna angrily demands that she explain herself, but the only answer is a huge rush as a huge swarm of wasps fill the stalagtite. Melna, Tor and Belthos all succumb nearly immediately to the swarm and are knocked unconscious. Suddenly the wasp swarm completely dissapates – and with a swoosh of her cloak the cloaked figure walks away. “You have 5 minutes”.

The party argues for a bit but finally decides that the best option is to jump off the ledge (after Eldrith gets fed up and jumps down herself first) through the hole into the river below. Unfortunatley with Turvy and Jimjar unconscious we are forced to leave them and Topsy behind. After bidding a tearful fairwell the party jumps down one by one. Melna and Belthos hit the water hard and are immediately knocked unconscious – but the rest of the party manages to drag them out of the water onto the side of the river. Eldrith is already there but appears to be unconscious as well with a broken leg.

Yaris does a bit of scouting and finds a passageway a little ways off – he returns to Tor and between the two they manage to drag the three other members into the passageway where they settle down for what rest they can.


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