The One With Bucky

After spending a bit more time mourning for Eldridth we grab her sword and discuss what plans we have to move forward. A quick decision is made to keep going forward in an attempt to find an end to the bones and (hopefully) more food. The going is slow due to the bones and still casting the ritual spell. But after 2 hours of slogging through that mess an end to the boneyard finally appears! Farther ahead a passageway to the right is revealed, which due to the right-hand-rule is the one we immediately opt to take. As we get close though we hear what sounds like some sort of clacking noise coming from the passageway.

Yaris wolfifies and with his super crazy hearing manages to also hear what sounds like maniacal laughter coming from that passageway (hyena from Lion King maniacal, not mad scientist). He slowly approaches and as he gets within a few feet a large mass starts squeezing itself out of the hole. It has a vulture-like head with hook-like hands and a large body covered in a carapace like a beetles. Pleasent. True to form Yaris greets it by biting it right in the leg and attempting to drag it out of the hole, ripping a large chunk out of the leg. The thing isn’t pleased about this and raises its hook-hands high while clacking them together and then brings them smashing down into Yaris’ side.

After the rest of the party whacks it a few times more the first beast rips its hooks out of Yaris, taking a large chunk of his side with it. This proves to be a bit more for him though and he reverts back to elf form and is thrown against a nearby wall. As this happens the other one finally squeezes out of the hole and takes a wild swing at Yaris – but misjudges the distance due to him suddenly turning back into an elf so whiffs the air above Yaris’ limp body. Good planning Yaris!

Belthos whispers some terrible-horrible-no-good-things into the hurt ones ears and it runs off (not screaming though, oddly it doesn’t seem to be making any noise). Having no choice Tor turns towards the other one. A bit wary of the amount of damage these things seem to be taking and dealing he waves his arms and attempts to ask the creature to stop attacking but it doesn’t seem to understand. Ah well, he punches it instead. Yaris re-wolfs and squares off with the remaining beast.

While this happens a pack of small humanoid beasts (the source of the laughter it would appear) appears down the passageway and rushes towards us. They’re yelling something which we can’t really make out…Yeenoghu being a word they seem to be repeating. Melna turns back towards the beast and attempts to communicate to it in Terran, but that also doesn’t seem to have any effect.

The beast, hearing the noise from the passageway behind, takes one look at the hyena-like things and immediately rushes off into a tunnel on the far side of the passageway. That doesn’t bode well for our intrepid party…Melna takes action and attempts to shove Yaris (still a very large wolf) out of the way to try and avoid being trampled. She partially suceeds just in time, as they get out of the way the hyena-things fan out of the passage and seem slightly shocked to see the party standing there. A couple of them continue chasing after the beast but the rest turn towards the party and charge with their pointy spears aimed right at us.

Tor sees that Belthos is in danger and so runs up to punch the ugliest one, figuring that getting him out of the fight will remove some possible distraction. He punches it right in the ridiculously huge buck teeth but that only suceeds in making it uglier. Enraged by this the two hyena-things poke at Belthos and Tor but miss (probably because of the buck teeth).

Yaris and Melna are engaged with the leader, who lets out a shrill yell. One of the other hyena-things perks up his ears and runs over to sink his sharp little (this wasn’t the buck toothed one) teeth into Melna’s side. That seems like a bad idea, but who are we to judge. True to form Melna is none too pleased and releases a thunder wave (wolf be damned) which causes the hyena-things to howl in pain.

Tor continues his facial reconstruction surgery and carves out Bucky’s other tooth. Which doesn’t help the ugly situation. At all. And only makes him angry enough to stab Tor right in the arm with a spear.

Yaris has had enough of this and goes straight for the throat of the leader, ripping it right out in one ferocious lunge. Blood sprays everywhere as Melna also takes the opportunity to de-head one of the remaining minions. And not to be outdone Belthos raises his sword and chops poor old Bucky in half. And so the combat ends in a vicious flurry of bloodletting.

The party commences to looting and manages to find some fancy spear-mace type weapon as well as a couple shiny gemstones. Nice! With that business done Yaris comes back from exploring the surrounding area and motions for the party to follow him. They head down the middle passageway and come across the previously hurt beast thing – which seems to be cowering in a corner. It doesn’t immediately attack but as they party edges closer it starts to scrape its hook-hands against the wall and is clearly agitated. Melna steps up and casts charm person which does seem to help – it seems much less agitated (although still nervous). Out of options to the party settles down for a rest, but as soon as they do so the creature gets up and starts making its way back towards the passageway that the other one disappeared to. And so with a tired sigh the group packs up again and heads off to track the creature to our hopefully not-deaths…


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