The One Where Tor Makes a Mushroom Hat

With half of the party unconscious, and everyone being definitely a little worse for the wear, Yaris and Tor decide that they should take a short rest and have Yaris go exploring the tunnels to see if there’s a better place to hide that isn’t quite so open. Eldrith also wakes up but still has a broken leg, which Melna takes a look at and uses her apparent wealth of medicinal knowledge to determine that the break isn’t life threatening and should heal in time (or just be magically healed).

Yaris wolfifies and wanders down the hallway to see if there’s a better place to hide. A little ways in he spies some mushrooms which he identifies as being not only edible but also a good source of water! It quickly becomes apparent as well that the tunnel system is quite complex, with branching paths all over the place. Satisfied that they will be able to find a place to hide and recover he heads back – stopping along the way to pick up some delicious mushrooms.

Heading deeper in the cave system the party finds a suitable place to rest and settle down for a long rest. This goes mostly uneventfully, except that Belthos wakes up in a cold sweat, having had some pretty terrible nightmares. Most likely involving getting paid too little for his singing and dancing routine.

The party awakens in a dark cave. Still. Melna solves half of that by producing a bit of flame and the party heads out to try and find a way out of this mess. The place gives off a general creepy, alien vibe with lots of weird echoes and formless shapes in the distance. There’s no sign of any intelligent life, the most is a few small critters and many varieties of fungi. The day (best we can tell) wears on with very little happening to indicate anything that seems like a way out.

After hours of nothing a sudden series of wails echoes down the hall – loud and piercing cries that may belong to some humanoid creature. The whole experience is very unsettling, with the voices seeming to come from a variety of sources. The party marches on while the voices continue to screech – they seem to be especially grating to Eldrith who starts to complain about the sounds and seems visibly nervous about them.

Lee continues to find us delicious mushrooms to eat (we are getting sick of goodberries). During this foraging he manages to find a large mushroom that can be harvested to provide a paper-like substance, as well as having a stalk that can be dried into a bread-like substance. After all this Tor realizes that one thing he’s really missing is a hat, and so he forages for a toadstool cap to use as a hat. And it even has orange and red stripes! He’s so excited by this he pulls the whole thing up by its roots – which releases a cloud of gas straight into his face. It doesn’t seem to have any noticable effect though. Until he starts wandering around aimlessly for a bit. This lasts for about 5 minutes with Tor seemingly being unable to head in any one direction, after which his head clears and he seems fine. And he still has his hat.

The End of the First Day.

The party wakes up mostly refreshed and continues on their dull journey through the cave system. As we’re trudging along though Yaris starts to notice a crudely drawn symbol on the wall. It’s about time to settle down so the party sets up camp while Melna stares at it for 10 minutes before figuring out that it was made magically but doesn’t seem to be harmful in any way.

The part members take turns keeping watch. During his watch (while polishing his amazing hat) he hears what sounds like a faint glorping sound, sort of like slimy footsteps headed towards the camp. Not being able to see in the dark he stumbles over and wakes Yaris up. “HEY YARIS! THERE’S A SLIME OR SOMETHING FOLLOWING US!” Yaris takes matters into his own hands and wakes up the rest of the party – who grumpily rouse themselves. Oddly enough though no one else can hear anything – and when Tor heads down the hallway a bit to investigate he can’t seem to figure out where it’s coming from.

He heads back to the group and Yaris, suspicious now, takes the hat off. Tor reaches for the hat to grab it back – but stops as the noise also disappears. Huh. That’s odd. “So, uh. Who wants to put on the hat?” asks Tor. “It’s for science!”. No one else seems interested though (pretty lame of them really), and in fact Yaris immediately attempts to set the hat on fire. Tor grabs the hat in time though and it only suffers minor singeing, after which he puts it back on. That was a close one. Belthos takes his turn and makes harmless tremors occur in the hat – which shakes Tor a bit. When suddenly a snail crawls out of the mushroom and drops to the floor! And after looking at it closely Tor is thrilled to discover that this is (somehow) the same snail that he found back in the city after their drunken adventures celebrating the return from the pocket dimension maze. Reunited at least the party settles down and finishes their night of rest.

Waking up to a breakfast of steak-flavored goodberries the party heads off again. After walking for a bit a terrible-smelling cloud of green gas quickly envelops the party. Everyone but Belthos starts retching and overall feeling pretty bad. And to make matters worse a horde of small, ape-like creatures come rushing out of the mist and start biting everything in site. Quite rude of them. Belthos is the first to recover by the surprise and waggles his fingers in an attempt to lull some of them to sleep. They’re too busy excitedely biting everything to pay attention though and continue doing what they do best.

The party commences to beating up the intruders. Tor punches one and Melna lights another one on fire. The usual. One of the other ones meanwhile jumps on Eldrith and rips and her neck – tearing out a hunk of skin and causing Eldrith to fall unconscious. It then turns to Melna – and with blood dripping down its chin jumps at her. As it’s leaping through the air it seems to realize that her hand is still on fire though – at which point it starts to panic a bit and unceremoniously crashes into the ground just short of shoving its face into a burning fist. Too bad – that would have been pretty great to see.

Belthos performs some neck-romancy and wipes his hand against her neck to get it well covered in blood – then speaks some demonic words and curses all the horrible monkey things with some terrible weakness. Eldrith is revived by Melna, and immediately grabs a sword and sets to chopping into these annoying little pests. Blows are exchanged but the mighty heroes triumph – with a series of suitably flashy finishing moves.

The gas disappears as the last creature falls. Eldrith is revived (again) with a handful of goodberries, but suddenly seems to lose focus and start muttering under her breath about not wanting to do something. She then collapses on the ground and remains immobile for around 15 minutes, muttering and shaking the whole time. She eventually recovers and ensures everyone that she’s fine now.

Continuing on down the passageways the casters began to start collecting some casting reagents such as sand, blood and micah. Tor spies another one of the orange and red striped mushrooms, but this one is even bigger and has brighter stripes! He rushes towards it and, being careful to cover his mouth this time, slices the top off and makes himself a brand new hat.

And thus ends yet another day in the dark depths below…


AndrewHall CharlesGagnon

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