The One Where Eldridth Meets and Untimely End

After a restful night (for everyone but Belthos – he has the nightmare again). The party wakes up and discusses options. They decide to have Yaris ritually cast detect magic continuously as they walk (slowly) so they can hopefully detect any other magic symbols like the one they discovered earlier.

A full day passes again without anything unusual happening. The party does manage to forage a good amount of edible plants and roots though to supplement their stocks, and at the end of the day cook up a pretty hearty meal to try and keep spirits up. Belthos again has the nightmare and it’s starting to wear on his psyche a bit (although with presidigtation no one else seems to notice).

Tor takes one of the swords and starts marking the walls as they go along to make sure they aren’t going in circles or anything like that.

A while later we do finally come across another rune, and in fact there are two of them! They appear to be exactly the same as the other one, asides from there being two directly next to each other. Tor pokes at it and then tries to rub at it but nothing appears to happen with that either. How utterly boring. Luckily he still has his fancy hat.

At a loss the party moves on again.

About 30 min later the people with darkvision start seeing a large amount of bones off in the distance. Some of them even appear to be humanoidish – not a great sign. As we get closer the bones continue to appear in the distance with no end in sight. And even better there are a huge variety of creatures represented, some of which we don’t even recognize! The bones are in a variety of states – some broken, some worn, some seemingly new, some still have bits of flesh and/or clothes on them. Investigating them doesn’t seem to cause anything to happen and since it’s the only interesting thing to happen in days of wandering the party opts to keep walking along the field (but still sticking to the right hand rule).

Immediately upon stepping on the bones Yaris freezes, able to think and be aware of things but physically unable to move. This passes though after a minute so we continue on. As we walk along Tor lightheartadely starts kicking a few of the bones along. But very shortly he starts to feel a bit nervousness deep down – like the bones might reach up and bite or grab at him if he doesn’t stop kicking them. Eldridth also starts to look pretty bad and soon collapses again. Melna helps her up and we continue on at a much slower pace.

The bones still keep appearing with no end in sight – and finally we have to stop and take a break. It seems like a good idea to clear the bones (Tor is especially fond of this idea) so Melna has the bright idea of using Thunder Wave. It’ll definitely get the job done…and that it does with a large explosion. Let’s hope there’s nothing unfriendly down here.

Eldridth is still unconscious so the rest of the group takes over her watch. Nothing too much happens during the night but we do notice that the random ambient noise (echoes and such) seem to be less down here. Nothing magical about it but kind of weird. Belthos and Tor provide the nights entertainment with some faint music from Belthos and a skull-puppet show by Tor. The rest of the party is a bit weirded out by it but let it slide.

In the “morning” Eldridth does wake up thankfully, and while still not in the greatest shape is good enough to walk on her own. One hearty meal of egg-flavored mushrooms later we continue on. It is noted that we only have about a days worth of food left and after a brief discussion the vote is to continue on with the hopes that something exciting happens soon.

And something exciting does happen in the form of the bones shifting under us and – surprise! – a bunch of skeletons start to form around us. Yaris mutters something about calling it as the party readies themselves…

Melna and Tor immediately team up to destroy one before it can even fully form – a mix of swords and fists dismantling it back into separate bones.

The skeletons finish forming and it soon becomes apparent that these particular skeletons have some nasty looking claws at the ends of their hands, which they immediately take to tearing into the more fleshy looking members of the party.

To top things off in the distance a large crunching sound echoes down the hall and quickly resolves it into the form of a large minotaur skeleton barreling down the hall holding a large great axe. Melna – thinking that this isn’t a good thing – makes a pulling motion and large grasping vines start pushing up through the bones to grab at the skele-taur and a skeleton. The skele-taur breaks free without too much trouble but the skeleton is completely enveloped.

Melna has had enough of Eldridth missing all the time so makes another grand gesture and immediately all of the skeletons light up in a bright green faerie fire. Tor and Belthos take full advantage of this and start the process of chopping the remaining skeletons back into their pieces. She also yells for everyone to move away so she can set up the bomb (Thunder Wave), and everyone frantically runs away. We all saw what happens with Thunder Wave…

Once everyone is clear she gathers up what power she can muster and lets loose a huge explosion of sound and bone shards. The two skeletons are completely obliterated, while the skeletaur is smashed to the side and trips over Tor. He dodges to the side and smashes it as it falls past, taking another hunk out of its bony body.

Upset by this turn of events the skeletaur lumbers up and takes a swing at Eldridth….which cuts her in half with a sickening crunch. Better than living a life of slavery I guess. Melna roars in anger at the death of an ally (despite our constant grumbling about her) and repays the skeletaur by chopping its head straight off, after which the rest of its body slowly crumbles apart in a shower of bones.

And thus this episode ends with the party standing victorious in a field of bones with the additional bones of their enemies scattered about them and the blood of a friend splashed across their faces. It could be worse…


AndrewHall CharlesGagnon

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