The One With the Return of the Miraculous Growing Dwarves

We come back in to the story with a single captive (who is currently unconscious) tied up and the raft still floating slowly down the river. We quickly pole the raft over the side of the river and spend the next hour looting the raft and waiting for the prisoner to wake up. To everyone’s surprise nothing unusual happens and as the captive slowly groans awake Yaris gets to questioning.

-Why did you attack us? I just follow orders
-Where were you taking us? Sloop-de-woop (their village)
-Were you going to hand us over to someone when we got there? Maybe, like I said I don’t make the decisions
-What’s up the opposite way on the river? Dwarven city, fish people don’t like them. They’re assholes. Mean and NOT stupid
-What about past your village? Couple more cities. Some more fish people cities. Drow, dwarves, some gnolls (but they like to move around), area they don’t go (Deep father says not to)
-Who’s the deep father? I don’t know, you’ll have to talk to Clib-de-vula (that’s what I heard) back at our village
-Do you worship the deep father? Hard question. I like not dying and so far he’s done that so…yeah sure!
-How did you get upriver? We swam (and pulled the raft)
-Do you have a map? What? No! Who’d buy a map anyways? You’ve really never been here have you?
-Are we going to be able to walk there (does the beach extend that far)? Probably not? I’m not really sure, never done it myself
-If we took you to your village would you try and negotiate peaceful terms with us? (We don’t actually want to kill you all) – Uhhhh, sure I’ll do my best.

Melna and Yaris opt to trade off doing shark-scouting duty to watch for any sudden ambush and off we head. The prison is kept tied up for now despite many protests. As we head off we do finally ask his name and find out that he goes by Blippy Dooly-Boop the 4th (until we’re his friends at least)

After a couple of hours we emerge into a large lake area (which we found out isn’t Dark Lake, instead Dark Lake is the whole underground system, rivers and all. This is just one part of it). Blippy gives us a new heading and so we fashion paddles out of bucklers and other left over implements while also tying one of the druid-sharks to help pull the raft. After a couple hours of ungodly boredom with no sign of other life at all besides some random critters we’re finally too exhausted to continue, and so find a small cover to pull the raft in to and settle down to take a nap and eat some fish that Yaris caught during his vigilance. Settling down to a tasty meal of fish (slightly slimy) and good berries (yay component pouch!) we rest for a time.

During Tor’s portion of the watch a mysterious small boat slowly drifts into view. It’s apparently empty although Tor’s lack of darkvision makes it difficult to see for sure. He pokes Yaris awake (hooray meditation) who also takes a look – but also sees nothing but some boxes piled on top. Not seeing anything immediately threatening we opt to leave the boat alone and just keep a careful watch on it (it just sits there bobbing in the water).

Another hour passes with nothing more unusual happening. Suddenly Tor and Yaris are both smashed in the side of the head with large (dwarven) hammers as two dark-skinned dwarves suddenly appear in a very Klingon Bird-Of-Prey-esque attack. They both yell pretty loudly (it really hurt) which luckily startles the rest of the party awake. Some exchanging of blows happens when Melna – still a bit groggy from Tor’s shrill yell – tries out a new spell of hers and casts MOONBEAM. Luckily she specced into the Orbital Laser variety and it completely disinigrates one of the dwarves in a white hot beam of pure moon goodness. At this another dwarf yells from behind Melna and smacks her in the side – but she is mostly unharmed. Yaris and Tor finish off one of the remaining dwarves and as they turn towards the final one he glances around and immediately grapples Melna and pulls her onto the boat, which immediately starts moving away from the shore with suspicious oar marks splashing in the water.

Luckily they aren’t moving very fast so Tor takes a running jump and, while a bit awkward, manages to not only land in the boat but also shove what is likely an invisible dwarf into the water. He looks as shocked as everyone else.

Not to be left out of the fun Yaris takes a leap (still as a wolf) and also leaps into the fray, making the boat wobble quite a bit but not managing to knock anyone else off.

Melna is less than pleased with being taken prisoner, and as the dwarf holding her turns his head to glare at her notices that her eyes are glowing with unnatural light. He has time to mouth off an “Oh shi-” before another moonbeam blasts out of the ceiling and turns him into a molten pile of slag.

The other 2 dwarves aren’t messing around any more and immediately turn visible and start getting larger (and larger). Another dwarf is finished off and as the party turns towards the final dwarf he yells to the air “Azmodius give me strength!” and roars with primal vigor. (Side note – these dwarves are minions of the god Azmodius who is one of the 9 lords of Hell. Which is how they get their crazy invisibility/growing powers)

Regardless of this Azmodius nonsense we dispatch the two dwarves (after the one who fell in the water jumps back on the boat from the island) without too much difficulty. Moon beams > lord of hell and his minions.

Luckily Bloopy is still there (he pretends to be asleep but appears to be shaking slightly). The view fades to black as the party sets to piling the loot onto the boat and resting from their wounds…


AndrewHall CharlesGagnon

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